Maintaining quality of care
“We have reached a hard stop in the healthcare system. There are no more savings to be found and we cannot work any harder than we do. Aging demographics increasingly strain the system. We have to work smarter and use innovative technology to maintain a reasonable quality of care.”
MD, at wound care department, Germany

Rethinking wound healing
Hiperpatch empowers clinicians with an easy to use 1-click device offering active wound stimulation 24/7 to support safe, high quality care in across wound types, while able to continue existing treatment routines as Hiperpatch is placed next to the wound and complements standard of care to:
▪  Stimulate 5 cell-types central to wound healing
▪  Increase cutaneous perfusion
▪  Increase angiogenesis

In vitro scratch assays compared of the cell-migration effect of the Hiperpatch stimulation algorithm on the rate and direction of cell-migration vs. normal DC and control (no stimulation). The data show that both DC and Hiperpatch showed a trend of improving the cell migration vs. the control, with Hiperpatch being most significant – approximately 225% faster vs. control.