Too little time…
“Unwrapping, cleaning, debriding, dressings, bandages compression etc. Chronic wounds are very care intensive. Meanwhile, budget-cuts and paper work are increasing the work load and does not allow me time for the presence and quality of care I find to be so important”
Wound nurse, Denmark

Heal wounds… faster
Hiperpatch empowers clinicians with a 1-click easy-to-use device offering electrical wound stimulation 24/7 to support safe, quality care across wound types. Hiperpatch allows for existing routines to continue as it is applied next to the wound and complements standard of care to:

▪  Accelerate and improve healing
▪  Decrease the risk of infections
▪  Improve patient’s quality of life

See the results of the in vitro study here – relevant research articles here – or contact us here.